Intolerance rears its ugly head | Letters

Intolerance has made its way to Orcas Island. Early Wednesday morning, campaign signs of candidates currently actively campaigning were vandalized by those bringing hate to the island. Timothy Hazelo, Kim Wyman, Loren Culp and Joshua Freed are all candidates currently in a campaign and will be having signs all over the 2nd Congressional District. Hazelo, Wyman and Culp made the top two for their various races, and Joshua Freed has announced his plans to run as a write-in candidate for Lt. Governor. Campaign signs have also been vandalized on San Juan Island and Lopez Island.

Previously on Orcas Island, political signs had been removed from locations. After being reported to the police for theft, this activity stopped. The current activity has also been reported to the sheriff’s office. Hate has no place in these islands. We hope that this will not be a recurring event.

Cindy Carter, SCW

San Juan County Republican Party