I-976 lawsuit is wrong | Letter

Thoughtful people throughout the state and our county can present cogent, logical arguments both for and against I-976 and, in fact, they did!

For months before the recent election in advertising and in the official Voter’s Pamphlet, these opinions were fully articulated and presented to the public. And with that information, the voters of this state decisively made their choice known. But, no: our “betters,” the governing elites in Olympia — and in our county government — know what’s really best for us.

So, pesky elections be damned, they’re going to use our taxpayer money to litigate in court to try to get the election overturned. Gee, that sounds familiar. It seems that one political party (I’ll give you a hint, its name starts with a capital “D”) once again shows its utter contempt for democracy (spelled with a small d)… that is, when their candidate or tax issue fails to win at the polls.

No matter how one feels about $30 dollar car tabs, this behavior by the state and county attorneys should be deeply disturbing to anyone who still believes he or she is a citizen of a democratic republic.

Capt. Daniel S. Schwartz

Friday Harbor