Hunter’s view on gun control | Letter

I started hunting in 1957 and am still at it 60 years later. Over the years I have owned more than a dozen shotguns and rifles. They were, and are, extremely lethal.

After recent events in Florida, I feel it is time to express what I feel.

It may seem ironic to some that in most states, including Washington, it is illegal to have more than three shells in a loaded shotgun. To my knowledge, no second amendment advocates have challenged that law. At least the ducks are safe.

There aren’t easy answers. There obviously is not one solution. A place to start is to make it difficult or impossible to buy and possess guns like the AR-15 – guns made only for killing people. Folks will argue it is a slippery slope – you take my AR-15, next my hunting rifle, next my pistol.

They will argue that without my assault rifles, how can I protect myself from the fascist police state that is just around the corner. I personally worry about a massive earthquake, a flu pandemic, or a giant tsunami. But worry about the fascist police state — not very much.

I am writing this for all the beautiful young kids and teachers. And I am writing this so that my 5-month-old grandson won’t fear going to school. It is long past time for serious change to gun control in this country.

Cal Ryan

Friday Harbor