Help navigating Medicare | Letter

We are privileged to be a part of SHIBA, an organization that helps people navigate the maze of Medicare. Our program is strictly voluntary and though a nationwide organization, we essentially operate on no budget. The Family Resource Center has generously provided us with space to counsel this past year and a room to grow into next year. However its remodel inconveniently fell during Medicare’s open enrollment, our busiest time of year. We want to express our overwhelming gratitude to Friday Harbor Presbyterian Church for welcoming and offering us a place to continue our work for this enrollment period.

An annual opportunity to change Part C or D plans is open now till Dec. 7. A one time only special enrollment period is available for Kaiser participants, that are losing their coverage, though March 3. Please contact a SHIBA representative or insurance agent for assistance as changes will not occur automatically.

Your SHIBA representatives,

Pat Van Skyhawk, Patti Bjarnason and Holly Henry

San Juan Island