Gratitude for three years on island | Letter

This Oct. 20 will be the anniversary of my third year here on San Juan Island. This letter is to thank you for the warmth, graciousness and kindness I have enjoyed since moving here.

As the janitor and groundskeeper of the post office, I have had the privilege to become acquainted with you in that patient, persistent way we get to know each other in passing casually. You have shared your ideas, gardening tips, philosophy, travels, produce, proverbs, books, love of dogs and so much more, with a generosity of spirit unparalleled.

On more than one occasion, you have brought me to tears with your tenderness, profound kindness or gentle regard for your children, your dogs, each other and me.

This is truly a remarkable place. I count myself fortunate to be among such a tribe. With deepest gratitude and sincere thanks for these gentle, happy years spent among you.

Lisa V. Sadler

San Juan Island