Goodbye Life Care | Letters

My dad was a resident at the Life Care Center for approximately two years. I just want to thank everyone there for taking care of him while he was there. I wanted to send a “thank you” before it all dissolved, but time ran out so here I am saying it after the fact.

Thank you to those cheerful people who monitored the front door and the front desk. You answered the phones and directed our calls, attempted to answer our questions and open the door for us when we were going out while doing a million other things we have no clue about.

Thank you to the housekeepers and maintenance people who kept the residents’ rooms clean and functional.

Thank you, nurses and caregivers, for all your hard work and special care you gave each one of the residents.

Thank you, social workers, physical therapists and occupational therapists who helped with mobility and the well being of the residents.

Thank you, cooks and kitchen staff who managed to give a guy who “doesn’t eat pork,” bacon because he does eat bacon and sausage (just not pork).

If I missed anyone, I thank you too for all your care. The work you did for these people was not easy but appreciated beyond words and my father certainly was a challenge in his own way.

It takes very special people to care for individuals in an environment like that. You all have that gift and I hope you are able to find other opportunities to share it.

With the closing of the center, I am sorry for your loss, but I hope where one door closes another opens.

Shannon Dean

San Juan Island