Giving credit where credit is due—in triplicate | Letters

The San Juan Island Quaker Group would like to acknowledge three situations where community members went way beyond the call of duty to help some of us.

• Thank you to the firemen, Peter and Brad, who responded to a call for help at 3 a.m. when a built-in smoke alarms went off. After a thorough check of the house, they discovered that the smoke alarms had backup batteries that had weakened and tripped the system.

They then went back to the firehouse, in the middle of the night, got new batteries and installed them in the high ceiling alarms. Bravo!

• To the Sheriff’s department, which quickly responded to a concern for unsupervised dogs on the loose in my yard, and who brought the situation safely under control…


• To Dr. Horn, who generously gave of his family time to help a 102-year-old elder who had a broken tooth. He attended to it promptly in spite of a very busy schedule.

— With gratitude, San Juan Friends.

— Editor’s note: the San Juan Island Quaker Group meets Sundays, at the Family Resource Center; 378-1910, for info.