Give us back control over our tax dollars | Letters

Jenny Ledford asks for voters to “trust” her, sorry, I don’t. There are many reasons for my mistrust.

Jenny is an active Tea Party Member, the same Tea Party that holds our federal congress hostage. Jenny is also vocal about her opposition to the Affordable Healthcare Act and to Planned Parenthood. I have no doubt that her Tea Party beliefs would seriously influence the decisions that she would have to make as a commissioner.

The original Boston Tea Party members started a revolution over taxation without representation. I am amazed that Jenny has not made mention of the fact that the islanders are taxed to the tune of one million four hundred thousand dollars, yet we have no financial control of these funds.

Our current hospital district commissioners turned over our tax money control to PeaceHealth as a result of the 50 year contract that our commissioners signed three years ago. Jenny should be outraged by this giveaway, but I have not heard her mention the need for the board of commissioners to rectify this injustice.

In the past the hospital district commissioners were involved in the financial dealings of the clinic, establishing clinic policies and generally overseeing the operation of the facility.

When Jenny tells the voters that she will commit herself to giving back taxpayers the control of their tax dollars, then I will stop viewing her as a member of PeaceHealth cheer leaders cozy little club.

Steven King

San Juan Island