Funding for science | Letter

The University of Washington’s Friday Harbor Labs Science Outreach Program is extremely pleased to receive funds through the San Juan Island Community Foundation’s Women’s Fund and the Healthy Community Granting Fund. This contribution will cover the cost for six chest waders, three benthic macroinvertebrate kick-nets, fluorescent stain, a Prep-One Image Catcher (which allows us to see a DNA fingerprint) and this school year’s printed materials. All will help with the continual success of the FHLSOP for this school year and years to come.

The fluorescent stain and Prep-One Image Catcher will be used in our invasive mussel project in the biology classes at both Friday Harbor High School and Spring Street International School.

The chest waders and kick-nets will be used for our macroinvertebrates sampling with SSIS eighth graders and FHHS students conducting the Watershed Health Project.

The printed materials benefit the entire program as we work with about 750 local K-12 students and 24 teachers getting their students directly involved in the process of science.

FHLSOP, a program supported in part by the University of Washington Friday Harbor Labs, gratefully acknowledges the generous support from the above named San Juan Island Community Foundations’ Funds for their present and past support of the FHL Science Outreach Program.

Jenny Roberts

FHLSOP Director