Fond farewell to exemplary officer | Letters

I wish to express my praise and gratitude for Undersheriff Bruce Distler’s years of service for our community.

I met Bruce years ago as a prosecutor and have continued to work with him as a private attorney. As Undersheriff, Bruce was usually my initial contact when issues arose involving the Sheriff’s Department.

The most that anyone in my position can ask of a law enforcement officer is that he or she approach the job with integrity. We place a great deal of trust in Sheriff’s deputies and give them a tremendous amount of power.

Bruce deserved every bit of that trust.

In my conversations with Bruce, I got the sense that “doing the right thing” was always in the forefront of his mind. Whether informally or on the witness stand, Bruce was always willing to speak the truth, including in one instance admitting to a jury that he had made a mistake.

On top of it all, he always brought a positive interaction to every conversation I had with him, especially these last years as Undersheriff.

In my opinion, Bruce has shown everyone what a law enforcement officer should be. I will miss him.

Stephen A. Brandli

Brandli Law, Friday Harbor