Ferry frustration | Letter

Ferry issue: Today I was turned away from being able to board the ferry in Friday Harbor. I was turned away for being over-height and the quota being met for over-height vehicles. I had arrived in line 55 minutes before sailing and there were 15 or so regular-height vehicles in line behind me who were allowed to board. The ferry did not fill, but the quota limit for my height is less than the available space in the center of the ferry by far. I am worried about the impact this will have on Friday Harbor commerce. Most of the commercial trucks are very large, and we expect more than one million visitors this season. If we have a quota on over-height vehicles that is less than the center ferry space available, we are going to have trouble getting our groceries. Over-height vans are very popular among tourists. If we fill our ferries with tourists, we get no groceries, if we fill with groceries, we lose tourists. All of this is due to an arbitrary number that is far less than the available space. We need to do something. This problem is only going to get bigger.

Susan Nichols

Friday Harbor