Don’t miss Fashion Trashion | Letter

I read the Journal’s fine article from the Transition Waste Reduction Group and its enthusiastic description of the Trashion Fashion show at our county fair. Yes, this may have originated in New Zealand in 2004, however, the important part for us is that we have our own France Hansen to thank for our fair’s fantastic annual show. Some years ago, Francie and the late Helen Venada saw a version of this show in Bellingham. Intrigued, they were determined o do something similar in Friday Harbor. France then put together the first-ever San Juan Island Trashion Fashion Show. That might be 8-10 years or so ago; who knows? The important part is that we have Francie Hansen to thank for our fair’s very own terrific one-of-a-kind Trashion Fashion Show. This year, 2022, promises to be better than ever. France tells about some special ways she is making it wonderful. Don’t miss it! Also, you are always welcome to be a part of this. Just contact Francie!

Eileen Drath

Friday Harbor