Daughter seeks support for her sick mom | Letters

A few weeks ago, my mother, Niki Truesdale, was diagnosed with bronchitis. After a couple weeks, she was not getting better, so doctors did some x-rays. The very next day (Tuesday, Jan. 13) she went in to discuss these x-rays and while at the doctor she had stroke-like symptoms (very disorientated and confused), so the doctors had an ambulance take her to the hospital on the island.

There, she had a brain seizure, so they flew her off the island and to St. Joseph’s here in Bellingham – where I go to WWU as a sophomore.

Since being here in Bellingham, she has had numerous MRIs, CAT Scans, X-rays, Ultrasounds etc.

They found a brain tumor the size of a thumbnail right on the surface of the left side of her brain. After more tests, they found out she has stage four lung cancer, and it has spread to her brain and possibly her liver.

It seems pretty wide-spread.

Her heart and lungs are/were full of fluids, so on Jan. 16, they drained 700 CCs out and we are currently waiting on results (results to see which type of lung cancer it is, small cell or non-small cell, so we can know more about treatment).

We have been recently told the estimated life span is 10-12 months, but we are going to fight.

We are seeking as much support as possible.

Please visit this link; https://www.booster.com/supportnikitruez

Thank You.

Sierra Rose Truesdale,

San Juan Island/Bellingham