Dangerous politics | Letter

Since shove has come to push, will push come to shoot, including shoot to kill?


Apply the “Forrest Gump” Rule: “Stupid is as stupid does.” And stupid means both right and left.

Act Blue, a mainline Democratic fundraiser, says, “… We won’t have asymmetric warfare this time around. … We won’t have litigation on the left and election thuggery on the right.”

It’s no longer about the election. It’s now only about shock, awe and chaos to steal the election after the election. Or, maybe even before it begins.

Trump says, “If a city or state refuses to take actions necessary to defend the life and property of residents, I will deploy U.S. military and quickly do it for them.”

U.S. troops shooting to kill U.S. citizens?

You bet.

The White House has previously harbored active-duty U.S. soldiers hidden secretly inside ready to shoot to kill any protestor making it over the fence. No one ever has.

U.S. Military police from Fort Bragg is right now pre-positioning in Washington, D.C., Large amounts of live ammunition are being stockpiled. Mystery police, no identification, shove protestors into dark, unmarked SUVs. Arrested without charges, absolutely no constitutionally guaranteed due process.

Trump told us the only way he can lose is by fraud. Why wait for any election results?

Trump can declare fraud and impose martial law anytime. “Patriots” can be called to storm election offices to stop this fraud. The left comes to protect ballot counters.

Trump may pre-position U. S. troops inside Federal buildings. He tells those inside to leave for their own safety. Hordes hit the streets. Blue “patriots” are called to arms.

Russia sprinkles operatives, dressed in U.S. military fatigues, shooting to kill to make sure the U.S. military is seen killing U.S. citizens.

Don’t believe it? How much of what has happened in this country to date would you have believed possible four years ago? A President who says, “vote twice?” An Attorney General who portrays demonstrators as seditionists who must be arrested?

Think about this. Now.

Tom Evans