Current proposed library levy a bad idea | Letter

My Fellow Islanders,

The election is rapidly approaching. I thought I would share a final summary of why I believe the current proposed Library bond levy is a truly bad idea.

· The Life Care Centre is currently professional services zoning.

· It is a 28,000-square-foot adaptively reusable building.

· It has a large commercial kitchen and laundry facility.

· The Library plan is to completely DEMO this functional building.

· Generating that much waste is environmentally irresponsible.

· It can be repaired and should be adaptively reused.

Now that the TFH administration has changed they have a more realistic view of the needs of our community. Housing is a primary need!

· Once this Library levy fails.

· The Life Care Centre will be zoned to multi-family.

· This would allow for a minimum of 25 affordable and workforce housing units.

· All created within the existing floor plan of the building.

· The new tax generated SJC Home Funds may be applied.

Please vote NO on the library it is too expensive and not a priority needs like affordable housing. The Community will benefit greatly from this affordable housing strategy.


Lynn Danaher

San Juan Island