Corrections to a story | Letter to the Editor

Clarifying a recent letter

We are writing in response to Mike Gallagher’s letter to the editor published on Oct. 13.

There are numerous inaccuracies in Mr. Gallagher’s letter that we would like to correct.

The Public Hospital District #1 is not “proposing to purchase, own and operate a nursing home.”

FACT: The PHD is proposing to purchase an assisted living facility. There is an enormous difference in the type of care and the reimbursement system for services between an assisted living facility and a nursing home.

“That it will operate at a loss is a foregone conclusion.”

FACT: Currently The Village at the Harbor is financially sound. There is a comprehensive 6-year financial plan that can be accessed at (scroll to the bottom under “Documents”). This acquisition of the Village is serviced by about 20% of the levy lid lift money. The rest of the money goes towards expanding services.

“They (PHD) had to settle, at sizable cost, with the State on Medicaid fraud charges…”

FACT: This is not true. The PHD remains under investigation since the prior PHD Board was in office. The state has not been able to prove its case in more than 6 years.

“Nursing home reimbursement is meager …”

FACT: The PHD wants to purchase an assisted living facility and to develop an in-home care agency for those who are unable to remain in their own homes. Nursing home reimbursement is not relevant to this plan.

The current board is taking action that has been well thought out and well-considered to serve the needs of our aging community.

Mr. Gallagher ought to get his facts straight!

Kathryn Clary, RN

Trish Lehman, RN,

Commissioner, SJCPHD #1

San Juan Island