Common sense picks Randy | Letter

I like to take a common-sense approach to many choices I make. When it comes to what kind of prosecuting attorney I want for my county, I think of experience in the courtroom; a commitment to truth, justice and the rule of law; experience in government, which is very different than the private sector; compassion; and experience in managing people. These should be basic requirements for this kind of job. But if the only requirements for this position by law are to be a member of the Washington State Bar Association, then it is up to us in this community to hold this position to a higher standard.

So, I ask you to ask these questions to whichever candidate you favor, or even better, ask both, and then make your decision on your ballot: 1) How many years have you served as a member of the Washington State Bar? 2) How many years have you supervised others? 3) How much trial experience do you have in the courtroom? and 4) what have you done lately for this community? The choice for prosecutor will be clear…Randy Gaylord.

Jim Skoog

San Juan Island