Commend Dr. Frank James, the Board of Health and County Council| Letter

Commend Dr. Frank James, the Board of Health and County Council| Letter

I want to commend Dr Frank James, the Board of Health and County Council, for making the prudent responsible decision to move San Juan County to Phase 2 and urge them to move to Phase 3 as soon as allowed.

Our local healthcare system has an abundance of tests, has handled positive cases as they have arisen and successfully referred patients for treatment as needed.

The last three months have shown us that some high traffic businesses were allowed to remain open and they have operated safety without endangering their employees and customers.

As businesses reopen, they will be required to follow rigorous state-mandated safety requirements. Those who are at higher risk can and should continue to stay at home and limit their exposure. However, those of us that are at lower risk need to be able return to our lives and restart our businesses ASAP. The longer we wait, the more drastic the permanent scar to our islands will be. Many of our lovely Inns, cafes, restaurants and shops will never reopen and will be replaced by boarded-up windows.

As business owners, we provide meaningful work, fair wages, health benefits, and retirement plans, all of which contribute to the collective health and safety of our community.

The lodging moratorium has been devastating to the hospitality industry and many other businesses on the island.

Lodging tax has provided millions of dollars to fund county parks, community theater, cultural events, museums, community outreach, maintaining public restrooms, supporting public transportation, nonprofits that work towards protecting marine and wildlife, and seed money to new businesses…..all of which create the rich, diverse life we enjoy and the safety net many of us depend on. A fraction of the previous budget will be there next year.

As business owners, taxpayers and island residents with deep roots in the San Juan Islands, no one cares more about the health and well being of our community.

Lydia Miller

Orcas Island