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Keith Carver should be elected as the next Port Commissioner. It is important to have someone with enough integrity to what’s right for our community. This means knowing what is right even if it is different than what one wants. Kieth Carver knows the difference. This means he can be trusted and that’s the best because it’s right and what we want

Dean Hedges

San Juan

(Editor’s note: Since the publishing of this letter, Melissa Alspaugh has retracted any and all support for Joe Wheeler in The Port of Friday Harbor firing/restructuring issue.)

Honestly, I was surprised Barbara Marrett didn’t step down and even more surprised when she decided to run for reelection. She has admitted to having challenging times over the last year, but what was not spoken of was her demeanor and the way she handled the difficult times. The arrogance and sense of entitlement were palpable at most meetings and there has been no hint of responsibility in answering the public’s questions. I and others had letters go unanswered when the questions got difficult and seemingly bothersome. A competent commissioner would not do this, nor would they alienate staff to the degree that they sought union representation. Poor performance and behavior should not get rewarded with reelection. Being a member of every group on the island does not make a more qualified candidate, it makes a candidate that spreads herself too thin.

Why elect Keith Carver? He has a good rapport with staff, as he lives in the marina, and has already made efforts to form relationships with the new director and is very interested in learning more about the airport (which has been largely neglected over the years). He has owned his own successful business and has said that his door is always open, unlike his opposition. He is genuine, intelligent and absolutely capable of the leadership the Port deserves. He is a man that knows he can do better and wants to give back to his community and bring back transparency to the commission. Keith is largely supported by port staff and he sees the value in the high-quality people that run the port.

These are contentious times with the possibility of the Port acquiring Jensen’s Shipyard, especially since talks were going on in secret by the commission. The public has the right to know what’s happening with their taxpayer money, before negotiations, not after they’ve begun. Elect Keith Carver and bring back the transparency owed to the public. Get to know the non-politician and you will see his character and ambition are for the betterment of the port.

Melissa Alspaugh

Friday Harbor