Barbara, Bill and Monica will avoid litigation and uphold the law | Letters

We are voting on Nov. 3 for Barbara Sharp, Bill Williams, and Monica Harrington for election to the board of commissioners of San Juan County Public Hospital District #1. We urge other voters to do the same.

Unlike their opponents, Barbara, Bill, and Monica are pro choice, support Planned Parenthood nationally and locally, and do not believe that health care services funded through a public entity with our tax dollars should be restricted or limited by the views and dictates of any religious organization, as is the case today with Peace Island Medical Center. If elected as commissioners we believe they, unlike their opponents, would attempt to work collaboratively with the other commissioners and PeaceHealth, the owner/operator of PIMC, to remove these restrictions.

Much has been said about a possible lawsuit against the district by the American Civil Liberties Union which claims the public hospital district is violating Washington’s Reproductive Privacy Act, a Washington State law which was overwhelmingly approved by San Juan County voters. Barbara, Bill, and Monica are committed to working with PeaceHealth to amend the Subsidy Agreement, which channels our tax dollars to PIMC, to eliminate the conditions that could lead to a lawsuit by the ACLU.

To the contrary, their opponents are unwilling to even acknowledge the possible flaws in the agreement and are unwilling to discuss possible amendments with PeaceHealth. Their opponents’ approach would increase the likelihood of a lawsuit by ACLU with significant negative financial consequences to the district. The enlightened approach of Barbara, Bill, and Monica would minimize this possibility.

Said another way, the opponents of Barbara, Bill, and Monica do not see anything wrong or illegal with a religious organization placing restrictions on how our tax dollars are spent on health care.

If you are pro choice, support Planned Parenthood, believe a religious organization should not restrict the provision of health care services in our community, and would like to avoid a lawsuit against the district, then please vote for Barbara, Bill, and Monica.

David and Susan Dehlendorf

San Juan Island