Banker’s hours for island vets? Cruel fate for family pet| Letters

How many times have we heard in the news or on TV about a mistreated pet?

And we always say: That would never happen in our island… well, let me tell you, it did happen in our island.

This is the story about a 6-year-old’s cat that last weekend became ill. “Gato,” our cat, was sick and we couldn’t tell what was wrong with him, so we started to call vets around.

In desperation, after not getting a response from the vets, we called a Mount Vernon vet clinic, but they couldn’t help us very much over the phone… and the 911 emergency call system told us that there were no veterinary doctors available on weekends.

Later on that night, we were able to reach one of the island’s vets and they said that they could see the cat in the morning… that it was too late at night to go to the office and see the cat.

I knew in my heart that Gato would not make it thru the night. At 4:32 a.m., Gato passed away without getting any care from a vet.

I wanted to express my frustration and melancholy to our community for Gato has a voice in me today and his story had to be told.

I just hope that nobody else has to endure watching a beloved pet dying in pain with the lack of veterinary care on a weekend in San Juan Island.

Teresita Tobon/San Juan Island