Another scam

Another scam

The other day, the phone rang and the caller ID said PCH (Publishing Clearing House), but it didn’t have a phone number. I thought that was odd, but when the voice said I had won a small raffle, I was delighted. They went on to say I had won a trip to the Mediterranean, or a new car, or $25,000 in cash, my choice.

But first I had to get three subscriptions to their magazines.

They named them and in the process, said that two were free, but that I would have to buy one of them. While they were telling me about them they asked all kinds of questions about me, what I liked, what was my life like, was I married, did I work. Ostensibly so I would choose the right subscriptions.

They also wanted the number of a friend in case they couldn’t reach me.

They gave me the name of the lady in charge, Jessie and the tracking number and a phone number, and the name of her assistant Jessica. Then they said that in order to buy the first subscription, which would cost $77.05 for the year, they would have to have my credit card number. I asked for a written invoice, they said no. When I said, “I don’t give out that number!” They said, “Goodbye.”

Jeanie Garrett

San Juan Island