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A THANKSgiving story | Letter

On Wednesday, Nov. 25, my husband (Ed Greub) and I delivered two pecan pies to the Community Dinner.

On Thursday, we arrived 30-45 minutes before the close to pick up a turkey dinner. Oh woe! No dinner, no pie. The clean-up crew said the demand had exceeded the contributions by about 150 people.

Very dejected, I left. Before I could reach our car, a wonderful volunteer came out and said “I ordered a 17-pound turkey, but our family couldn’t come because of the pandemic. Please follow me to our home. I have mashed potatoes and stuffing as well as turkey.”

WOW! It turns out that Dolly and her husband Joe had just moved to San Juan Island a month ago and already had both volunteered at the Mullis Center.

She also gave us sweet potatoes and fresh vegetables and an enormous helping of hospitality!

We were so grateful for a delicious dinner in the spirit of the holiday!

Alice Acheson

Friday Harbor