A solution for peace in Israel | Letter

After spending 2.5 months in Israel, for Christmas, I propose a way to gently release some of the social pressure there.

Of the Israeli adults aged 18-65, in the previous year 27 percent used cannabis. That is the highest per capita in the world, followed by Iceland then the United States. In Washington state, with fewer citizens than Israel, marijuana is legally sold in stores. In 2018, the state collected $367.4 million in legal marijuana income and license fees, all but $5.4 million from the state’s marijuana sales tax.

To harmoniously release tensions in Israel: legalize marijuana. Tax it. At least 80 percent of those taxes go to benefit Israel’s Palestinian population, including in Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Golan Heights, focusing on FOSHCET, being: food, shelter, health, communication, education and transportation.

Begin with five legal nonprofit Arab-run marijuana farms: one in Gaza, one in Golan and one in each zone A, B, C of the West Bank. Selling product to all of Israel, these farms will provide jobs for Palestinians, and profits above operating costs which go back into FOSHCET, building infrastructure, developing self-sustainability and more dignity for the Palestinian people in Israel.

Mark C. Billington

Friday Harbor