A debate that was not a debate | Letter

Do you expect the supernatural? We all observed the “debate” and heard Trump’s dump on Joe. My God, Joe had to endure the constant barrage of assignation and accusations, and still rise through it, and respond to questions, as though his opponent was acting like a civilized being. Trump avoided all questions, using all of his time to belittle, attack and threaten Joe. It’s no wonder that our president had difficulty overcoming and rising through all of the BS that Trump was heaping on him. This event could not honestly be called a debate, since Trump did what he always does, when he is at a rally, or any time he is interviewed. He has rehearsed that diatribe for years, using it as his only defense against all of the questions he could not honestly answer. If you are judging who won the debate, based only on who had the loudest voice, and the largest number of lies, then you believe Trump won. If you see through the subterfuge, to actually listen to Bidens answers, though cut short by the insane two-minute limit, if you have been paying attention to the past three-plus years, then you know who really won the debate. I am appalled by the way weak livered supporters of Biden jumped ship when a fake storm of rhetoric blasted their eardrums. This is a DEMOCRACY. Biden should not have to stand alone through this. Man up. Stand with him. He’s the best there is right now.

Detlef Wieck,

San Juan Island