Westcott Bay Cider has new partners — and big new plans

Westcott Bay Cider has new partners — and big new plans.

Suzy and Hawk Pingree are now partners with Richard Anderson at Westcott Bay Cider, near Roche Harbor on Anderson Lane. Westcott Bay Cider makes traditional hard cider from antique apples grown in Anderson’s orchard on Westcott Bay. Their prize-winning English-style cider is crisp, clean, refreshing and low in alcohol, and is available at all island grocery stores and in Seattle.

The Pingrees and Anderson do everything by hand — picking the apples, washing and pressing them, fermenting the juice into cider in stainless tanks, and bottling. It is a local artisan business.

Starting Memorial Day weekend, they will open a tasting room every Saturday from 3-5 p.m. for locals and tourists. Visitors can tour the Cider Works, learn about cidermaking, and taste the cider. Private tours or direct purchase at the Cider Works can be arranged by calling 378-2606.