Treehouse Remodeling opens on San Juan Island

Lauren Cohen and Derek Steere have brought their home remodeling skills from Carmel, Calif., and launched Treehouse Remodeling on San Juan Island.

Treehouse Remodeling specializes in creative interiors. You can see more on or call (360) 472-1882.

Cohen and Steere have been in the remodeling business since 1997. They were inspired to create distinctive interiors while owning and restoring The Treehouse, a Carmel home designed by renowned architect Marcel Sedletzky. Their business name is a tribute to this home.

“Some of our most successful projects are those where there is close collaboration with the homeowner,” they said on their Web site. “Our goal is to bring your vision into reality or assist you in defining what you want.”

Steere is a certified remodeler, a certified kitchen and bath remodeler, and co-founder and past president of the Monterey chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

He is a former math teacher who worked as a remodeler on the side. His remodeling business got so busy he decided to pursue it full-time in 1997. He specializes in cabinetry.

Cohen was a high school teacher and guidance counselor for 20 years.

“Partnering with Derek in Treehouse Remodeling has given me the opportunity to express my creativity,” she said. “After 20 years in education as a high school teacher and guidance counselor, I was ready for a new challenge. I truly enjoy contributing to the transformation of a space from old to new, outdated to beautiful and functional. My personal dedication to reuse and restoration makes remodeling a perfect fit.”

To visit Treehouse Remodeling’s Web site, click here.