Rock Island lands school district tech contract

The bids are in… and a portion of taxpayer dollars will remain close to home as San Juan Island School District overhauls and modernizes its information technology and computer systems.

Rock Island Technology Solutions last week announced that it underbid some heaveyweight competition to supply the school district with some of the hardware, services and post-sales support the district will need in the initial stage of a large-scale technological upgrade.

By working with distributors and vendors, Rock Island CEO Mike Greene said in a prepared statement that the San Juan Island-based information technology company was able to secure “extremely competitive pricing” for the district.

Rock Island will provide the district with 68 laptop computers as part of the first installment of district’s technology purchases. With a foot in the door, Greene expects the company can remain competitive with future bids as the district moves forward with other elements of its $1 million district-wide technological upgrade over the next several years.

“We think we’ve earned their confidence,” he said. “We wanted the opportunity to show the district that we were capable of delivering excellent value, both up front during the bidding process and following through to delivery and beyond with post sales support. We are honored that the district gave us that opportunity, it was a win-win for everyone.”

Not only did voters renew the district’s four-year capital and technology levy by a wide margin in mid-February, but they also approved a near doubling of the previous four-year levy as a means to finance an extensive upgrade of district buildings, facilities, and information technology.

Roughly 40 percent of the $3.7 million levy is earmarked for various improvements of Friday Harbor Elementary School, including installation of a new roof, and the district’s plans call for investing slightly more than $1 million on replacement and upgrade of computer and information systems.

— Scott Rasmussen