Paw Spa: sharing a passion for pets | Women in Business

The Paw Spa’s Melody Rice relies on a personal touch to reassure a client

Over the last four years, Melody Rice has build a very successful pet services business named The Paw Spa Resort/Loving Hands Grooming.

Rice says, “My mission is to create a loving, joyful and safe ‘home away from home’ for all the pet companions who work so hard taking amazing care of their humans.”

She strives to create a stress-free, spa-like environment where they are able to take time off from their daily duties.

“I feel blessed to be a part of this process.”

Her passion is to work with pets and their humans to enrich their relationship. This includes working with them on the latest topics, such as training issues, behavior issues, educational toys, coat and skin care issues, as well as training sessions for maintaining a coat between grooms.

“I believe all levels of interaction add another deeper level of connection between our pet companions and their people,” Rice says. Known as the “Island’s Dog Whisperer” by many of her clients, she truly has a gift to share.

Dana RiceRice provides pet care services, some of which include socialization, exercise and play time. Grooming can include anything from “bath & blow”  to a full spa experience. You might ask what a full spa experience entails.  Rice says, “ear-cleaning, teeth brushing, mani/pedi, massage…the works!”  Husband Dana collaborates with his Classic Cab service – picking up and delivering pets needing transportation.

Rice is busy all day, every day with several pets coming through The Paw Spa Resort on Carter Avenue, near Guard Street, every week. Building her business from the ground up, she is now at the point of expanding and is looking at possible sites around town.

“More space, more services,” she says.

Her goal is to include more services, as well as, “the potential to mentor and/or hire, to further that special persons passion for pets”.

Rice says, “Any potential expansion may need an investor angel or hitting the lottery but I keep dreaming…”

— Journal reporter Steve Wehrly contributed to this article