New grief specialist on San Juan Island

Deb Langhans, owner of Wholistic Health Options, has just become a Certified Grief Specialist in “The Grief Recovery Method,” a comprehensive method of grief recovery created 35 years ago by the internationally-respected Grief Recovery Institute. This certification allows Langhans to work with groups and individuals to help them recover from all kinds of personal loss. 8-week workshops and 7-week one-on-one sessions provide time-tested curriculum to help participants heal from loss due to death, divorce, illness, unemployment, pet loss and many other significant life changes.

Langhans has been a wellness educator for over 25 years. She’s also a state-certified reflexologist and licensed massage practitioner. In addition to grief recovery work, Langhans offers wholistic health coaching, therapeutic reflexology, “inner child” exploration and “inner journey” workshops that encourage self-discovery and creative expression.

For info, Deb Langhans at or call her at 378-8907.