Kindling you can burn (and give as a gift)

Vaughn Mason of San Juan Island hand-cuts and packages kindling under the Cedar Lite Kindling label.

Cedar fence builder Vaughn Mason of San Juan Island has launched a new venture, Cedar Lite Kindling.

Just in time for winter and the holiday season; more on that in a minute.

Mason personally cuts and packages kindling made from hand-selected red, white and yellow cedar. The wood is hand split and fit into sturdy cardboard boxes with the Cedar Lite Kindling logo.

The boxes come in four sizes: 750 sticks, 350 sticks, 175-190 sticks, and 80 sticks. The price ranges from $6 for an 80-stick box to $40 for a 750-stick box.

Mason, who has been in the cedar fence business for 25 years, said he started cutting kindling in December 2009 but got “serious about it” in March. He now has a supply of 1,450 boxes.

Mason said his kindling is efficient; only three or four pieces are enough to get a fire going. “The thinner it is the better, because it draws better,” he said. He said a 750-stick box should last a couple of months.

Mason said his Cedar Lite Kindling makes a “unique and practical gift.” His wife, Laurie, said a box of the kindling is quite aromatic and nice to have in the home; she keeps a box inside.

Call 378-2292.