John Towson launches franchising option

John Towson, professional Health Care and Life Insurance and Disability agent has a new service: Franchising, which will be available in nationwide markets. This service has been in response to the economy negatively affecting the workplace.

Many older people who thought their careers and retirement were secure are being laid off. Younger workers that have been terminated, have been unable to obtain a new job or position. Many of Towson’s client base are Seniors and many of their children have fallen victim to this category and unable to obtain new employment.

Towson views that the addition of franchising is a possible, viable solution to the unemployment situation. Qualified individuals in one industry might be well suited to obtain a franchise that can utilize their skills and experience.

Younger people who have not gained the skill sets or experience, could benefit from the franchise training and on-going support a franchise offers.

It goes without saying that a franchise is not for everyone. A comprehensive discussion is recommended in order to weigh the merits of this type of opportunity for an individual and can be conducted by phone or during an office visit.

According to Towson, there is no cost or obligation for a consultation.

“You have nothing to lose by checking out the franchise option and, quite possibly, everything to gain,” said Towson.

John Towson can be reached at: Insurance & Investment Services, 228 Garry Oak Lane, Friday Harbor, WA 98250. Phone number is 360-378-3843. Efax: 425-962-1540. E-mail: