Island girl returns, alternative healing skills in tow

Suzie Thomas

Suzie Thomas moved to San Juan Island in 1967, graduated from Friday Harbor High School and went off to college.

Her life veered onto the trail of spiritual consciousness and she has been a practitioner in Seattle of alternative healing and mind-body-spirit well being. Recently, she moved back to Friday Harbor and opened a second office at 425 Argyle. Though still commuting to the city for her Seattle clientele, Thomas hopes to return someday to full-time island life.

Calling on 30 years of experience and training in alternative forms of healing and well being, Thomas unearths and alters beliefs, self-images, and mental/emotional habits which generate suffering. When certain practices are taken on and turned into habit, an increase in mental and emotional ease, self-kindness, and centered stability results.

Thomas also offers energy work, sometimes known as energy medicine, or “attunement.”  A frequently reported outcome of an attunement session is walking out of a treatment feeling more relaxed, calmer, and lighter, Thomas says.

In honor of the holidays, Thomas is offering a special rate of $45 for an introductory 1-hour session. This offer must be redeemed by Jan. 3rd, 2013. Gift certificates available. Thomas can be reached on her cell phone 206.406.3085, or by email