Hillside House Bed and Breakfast awarded ‘Green Eco-Leaf’ rating

Hillside House Bed and Breakfast has earned a rating of four green eco-leafs by completing a 70-point eco-audit survey administered by

iStayGreen.org, the online social network of environmentally friendly


Hillside House Bed and Breakfast is the first Friday Harbor hotel to complete the environmental audit.

Among the eco-initiatives adopted by Hillside House:

— An on-site Green Team has been created.
— Energy efficient lighting is installed when replacing old lighting.
— Customers are given the option of reusing sheets and towels during multiple night stays.
— Water conserving devices are installed when replacing old fixtures.
— Low water-consumption landscaping has been installed.
— Recycle containers are located inside guestrooms and around common areas.
— Reusable food and beverage service is used in lieu of disposable service items.
— Environmentally friendly detergents are used for laundry.
— Environmentally friendly chemicals are used for carpet cleaning.
— The entire property is non-smoking.
— Cotton bedding and towels (non-synthetic) are utilized.
— Low VOC materials (paint, adhesives, air freshener, carpet) are used at the property.
— Bulk amenities and soaps are dispensed in guestrooms.

The complete audit can be viewed at www.istaygreen.org/ecoaudit.cfm/hid/11301317