Gavin Guard opens San Juan Island clinic

Submitted by Gavin Guard

Most people don’t want to be healthy just for the sake of being healthy. That rarely gets you anywhere and the motivation to eat and live healthier slowly fades away. I believe that you want to be healthy so you can focus on other priorities in life.

Being sick takes away from your gifts, your talents, and what you were put on this Earth to do. It’s hard to be joyful when you are fighting against being tired, over-medicated, and downright frustrated. I believe health matters because it gives you the capacity to fulfill your purpose and your passions.

Perhaps you are one of the millions of Americans who are suffering from chronic conditions such as diabetes, gut dysfunction, thyroid problems, fatigue, chronic pain, headaches, weight gain, etc. You might be frustrated by the short doctor visits that you feel aren’t giving you the time and attention you need. You might be like me and feel like more medications aren’t going to solve all your problems and may even lead to more complications.

You may be wondering if there is a different way of tackling your most frustrating health concerns. I believe that the symptoms you’ve been dealing with for the past years are due to an underlying problem. This underlying problem has yet to be fixed and is the reason you are still suffering from these symptoms. Research shows that most diseases have a root cause for them. The problem is that you may not be identifying and treating this root cause.

I’ve spent the last seven years studying chronic diseases and I’ve learned from some of the best thought leaders in the field to start addressing the root cause.

I am excited to announce the beginnings of Roots Integrated Care, a medical clinic on San Juan Island, aiming to give patients the time and care they deserve to start fixing the root cause of their health concerns.

This is not a primary care clinic — I’ll leave that up to Dr. House at Eventide Health. Rather, I will be your medical detective — identifying and treating the underlying root cause of all your ailments so you don’t have to be dependent on medications to mask your symptoms.

I am now accepting patients. Book your first appointment now at or schedule a call to see how I can help you and learn more about my approach.

I look forward to serving the San Juan community.