Chef Hobbes hits 100 blog entries

Chef Hobbes Buchanan of Imagine Organics

Chef Hobbes Buchanan of Imagine Organics

Chef Hobbes Buchanan of Imagine Organics, on San Juan Island, recently posted his 100th blog featuring recipes and cooking videos at

He also has also reached over 500 hits on his YouTube page.

Chef Hobbes started his blog and Facebook posts in late October to help teach parents the importance of cooking real, seasonal, whole foods for their families, instead of processed foods from boxes, cans and jars.

He focuses on showing how easy and quick it is to cook restaurant-quality food, and  he offers free consultation via email and phone.

Chef Hobbes uses many ingredients from his own garden and hen house for his recipes, as well as from the local farmers’ market and San Juan Island Co-op.

“America and England are two of the most unhealthy countries in the world, with an over abundance of obesity, diabetes and heart disease,” Chef Hobbes said. “This is the price we pay for eating cheap, easy-to-prepare, processed foods. It’s time to go back to eating real food. It’s time to get back in the kitchen to cook healthy, easy, quick meals made from fresh, local ingredients from our own self-sufficient gardens, our local farmers, or the organic section in Marketplace.”