Attorney O’Day: Alehouse site is up for lease

The building at Front and Spring streets formerly occupied by San Juan Brewing Co. and Front Street Alehouse is available for lease.

The price: $8,000 a month, according to attorney Stephanie Johnson O’Day.

O’Day predicts that an upscale restaurant will ultimately occupy the site. “It’s a prime location,” she said.

The building is owned by part-time residents who live in Europe; the apparently now-defunct San Juan Brewing Co., which leased the building, is owned by Canadians. Manager Oren Combs resigned in January as remodeling began.

Remodeling was stalled when water damage was discovered in the floor. Trying to locate the source of the problem, and who was responsible for paying for repairs, led to fingerpointing. Both sides hired attorneys.

O’Day said the flooring’s plywood underlayment had absorbed water and rotted, ruining the floors.

She alleges the damage was caused by “negligence of equipment,” specifically leaking toilets and bar. She said other sources were ruled out, including blasting next door during construction at 123 West St.; water runoff on Spring Street; and a joint on a PVC sewer line that had separated, allegedly because of hot water from the brewing.

Thomas Sandstrom, attorney for the San Juan Brewing Co.’s owners, would not comment on the causes of the water damage. He did say his clients are “diligently assisting the landlord to find a new tenant” to assume the lease, which ends in 2012.

O’Day wouldn’t comment on that. She said her clients are “trying their best to fix the building and find a new tenant … and get a fresh new start.”