A business for the birds, and dogs

Judith Carter decorates her most recent venture

Judith Carter decorates her most recent venture

She had a plan. Picked a spot. Now for the name.

“I wanted something that would combine birds and dogs in the name,” Judith Carter recalls. “Woofers and Tweeters didn’t sound right and ‘Bird-Dog’, well, there’s a lot of businesses already with that name.”

The answer? You guessed it. The Barking Bird.

Situated at the corner of A and Nichols streets, in a building many recall as the Fat Cat Cafe (irony?), The Barking Bird opened Nov. 10 and Carter and company, assistant Meghan Conley and Jack, Carter’s Labrador Retriever, are now hitting their stride — well, maybe not Jack, he lumbers but keeps the floor free of crumbs, and in a hurry.

At The Barking Bird you’ll find anything bird-related that you might need or want: feeders, cages, baths, decorations, artwork, greeting cards and, of course, feed, both for domestic and wild birds.

“I’m trying to be as comprehensive as possible,” Carter, who co-founded Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in the early 1980’s, said of shop’s line of bird supplies.

For dogs, The Barking Bird carries collars, leashes, toys, bowls, treats and whatever it may not have, Carter knows where to find it.

In fact, she said between The Barking Bird and Friday Harbor Pet Supply, with whose owner, Annie Hutton, she has a collaborative relationship, that the bases are covered.

And the goal is to keep prices reasonable.

“I want to keep it a spot for locals,” she said.

Winter hours: Tues-Sat, 10-5:30 p.m; 378-3647.