13 Ravens Coffee celebrates opening with ribbon cutting

13 Ravens Coffee is officially open for business, and owner Liberty Miller is percolating with excitement.

Located at 150 First St N, Friday Harbor’s newest coffee shop held a ribbon-cutting event with members of the San Juan Island Chamber of Commerce on Feb. 28 to officially welcome her to the community.

Miller has both a passion for and experience in operating a coffee shop, having once owned and operated a coffee house inside a retired Alaskan train car in Seward, Alaska for several years.

Miller also has a history in this community and the location. She once worked for The Bean Cafe when it was formerly located where 13 Ravens is now. “I used to work at the Bean Cafe for Eric about seven years ago, and worked at the far north cafe for Eric, as well. I then moved to Alaska, and opened 13 Raven’s coffee just over four years ago. Then when Eric was ready to retire, he called and asked if I wanted the space. And I was ready to come home, so here I am now.”

For Miller, the name of her coffee house has a special story behind it. “In Alaska, I was sitting in my car trying to think of a name for the coffee shop. It was right around Halloween and there were 13 ravens sitting in a dead tree right outside my car window. I thought it was pretty cool. I love Halloween so it just kind of stuck.”