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The Golden Rule stops in Friday Harbor

In 1958, four Quakers sailed on the boat the Golden Rule into the Marshall Islands' nuclear testing zone, igniting a global anti-nuclear weapon protest movement. The Quakers spent 60 days in prison, but the world heard the message loud and clear.

  • Sep 6th, 2016 5:21pm

Volunteer Fire Fighter Joan Byrne

Joan Byrne was a member of the first combined Town and District Structural Firefighter recruit class held in 2001. She was an active firefighter for ten years until she developed arthritis in her hands and felt that she was a safety hazard to her fellow fighters. So, she came out of the "hot zone" and became a member of the logistics team for San Juan Island Fire and Rescue.

  • Sep 1st, 2016 8:30am

Should we worry about drought?

Under the sweltering heat of one of the hottest days in San Juan County this year, a crowd gathered to learn what they can do to diminish global warming and its impacts on water systems.

  • Aug 31st, 2016 8:33am

Larsen tours Sun Rise Neighborhood

Rep. Rick Larsen (WA-02) visited the San Juan Community Home Trust's Sun Rise Neighborhood last Friday in an effort to learn more about the issues that affect islanders. The most recent project on the Sun Rise development has been renovating quaint cottages barged from Victoria, British Columbia.

  • Aug 25th, 2016 12:21am

Education and courage – Guest column

By Danna Diaz, Ph.D.

  • Aug 24th, 2016 8:34am

Thor Hanson speaks at Master Gardeners event

Author and biologist Thor Hanson (thorhanson.net) will be the keynote speaker at the 2016 Gardening Workshop presented by the San Juan County Master Gardeners on October 1, 2016. As the first speaker at this day-long event, Thor will talk to us about seeds, based on his recent book, "The Triumph of Seeds." Have you ever wondered how the chili got its spice, what puts the buzz in coffee or how seeds have influenced everything from the voyages of Christopher Columbus to the Industrial Revolution to the shape of the human race? Thor will talk about all this and more.

  • Aug 24th, 2016 8:33am

Science and all that Jazz

Kindergartners gather around the buckets placed on the tables in their class, squealing ensues as they get up close, even touching the creatures, starfish, sea cucumbers, inside.

  • Aug 21st, 2016 8:30am

Master canoe builder visiting the islands

The Lummi Nation's presence in the San Juan Islands goes back for hundreds of years.

  • Aug 10th, 2016 4:29pm

“A River Migration”

Shortly after the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989, renowned artist Gu Xiong found himself in Canada, observing salmon in the Fraser River. The seeds of his exhibit "The River Migration" were sewn.

  • Aug 4th, 2016 4:27pm

Where have all the salmon gone?

Once tipping the scales at over 120 pounds, Chinook salmon have always been the staple of Southern resident orca whales, according to Deborah Giles, research director and projects manager for the Center of Whale Research.

  • Jul 27th, 2016 4:24pm

Wags to riches

Tahitian dancing, Polynesian fare, dogs decked out in their best leis, and more than a couple celebrities are a few things attendees can expect at the Animal Protection Society's "Luau on the Lawn" benefit.

  • Jul 22nd, 2016 8:30am

Immigration polices. At a glance

The San Juan School District,and planning committee members held a free workshop about immigration policies on July 16, in the San Juan County Community Theatre.

  • Jul 21st, 2016 8:30am

Romeo and Juliet: Shakespeare Under the Stars

"Romeo and Juliet," the ultimate story of young love gone wrong will be performed in venues through out the islands, as Stage Left opens its 18th annual Shakespeare "under the stars."

  • Jul 8th, 2016 4:54pm

Girls on Ice – a wilderness adventure

Christelle Inema, Spring Street International School exchange student from Rwanda has not had much experience with snow or ice but she will spend 12 days trekking about Alaskan glaciers from June 17-28, in the program of a life time "Girls on Ice".

  • Jun 29th, 2016 7:01pm

Bugs, here to solve world hunger

He has been called a champion of the obscure, and David George Gordon, writer of Eat-A-Bug Cook Book, as well as books on slugs, snails, tarantulas and cockroaches, admits that is a fair description of himself.

  • Jun 26th, 2016 8:30am

Seniors unveil their community projects

It's crunch time, mere hours before the Friday Harbor High School students presented their senior projects during the community dinner on June 8. The school was electric with their excitement to share their accomplishments.

  • Jun 17th, 2016 10:42pm

Artist Tour – Circle of Friendship

Twenty five years ago, a group of artists realized that the best shows occurred in their own studios. They toiled for months creating new work and cleaning up their studios and gardens. Thus the San Juan Island Artist Tour was born.

  • Jun 1st, 2016 8:30am

Who were early island Chinese and Japanese immigrants?

They came with their families, they carried their babies on boats and they envisioned a better life for themselves. They worked in orchards, in hotels and in the quarries. Some eventually bought farms.

  • May 25th, 2016 8:37pm

Pollinators in the Park | Slideshow

The Land Bank and National Park Service hosted a children's event in celebration of "History Lives Here" month

  • May 18th, 2016 6:02pm

University of Washington’s Marine Lab’s open house drew almost 600 visitors | Slideshow

The public was invited to tour the facility, ask questions of students and researchers, and learn all about the world of marine zoology, botany, fisheries and oceanography.

  • May 17th, 2016 6:46pm

“Crazywise” – a film about culture and mental health

The term mental illness can conjure up images of disease, a broken brain and unstable and nonfunctional people. In western culture a psychological diagnosis can lead to a lifetime of medications and isolation by family members and society as a whole.

  • May 16th, 2016 5:04pm

Addams Family the musical

The Addams Family has been a part of American culture since 1938, when cartoonist Charles Addams first published the spooky, kooky and ooky family in The New Yorker. The images became so popular, it eventually evolved into a TV show, movies, and most recently, a Broadway musical, according to Carol Hooper, show director.

  • May 5th, 2016 8:30pm

6th-graders and Kwiaht host Pollinator Celebration

Friday Harbor Elementary School sixth-graders and Kwiaht hosted a Pollinator Celebration with honey tasting and a dedication of the research garden on Friday, April 29 from 9 to 11 a.m. At 9:30 a.m., the sixth-graders offered a dedication of the garden to supporting organizations Kwiaht and San Juan Public Schools Foundation. A thank-you was presented to Ranger Parsons from SJI National Historical Parks and Cattle Point Rock and Topsoil. Tthe sixth-graders gave informative tours of the research garden, highlighting their work with pollinators in collaboration with scientists, and featured a presentation in their classroom.

  • May 5th, 2016 8:30am

The buzz about bees

It takes much more than landing on a flower to be a pollinator.

  • May 5th, 2016 8:30am

Schonberger honored at Soroptimist rose ceremony

Howard Schonberger was the first man to join Soroptimist International of Friday Harbor.

  • May 4th, 2016 6:40pm

Girls Fastpitch Softball against Burlington-Edison April 1 | Slideshow

Lady Wolverines lost to Burlington-Edison but won big against Darrington

  • Apr 28th, 2016 4:37pm

Fragile Waters at IMA

It was the Deep Water Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that inspired two friends to create IMA's newest show. Curator Jeanne Falk-Adams and Barbara Cox, artist agent, created Fragile Waters at IMA April 23 - Sept. 5.

  • Apr 24th, 2016 8:30am

Ribbon cutting ceremony for opening of Customs and Border Protection office

After much controversy and negotiations, the Customs and Border Protection office invited the public, as well as stakeholders to an open house in their new offices on Spring Street and First, April 1, from 12:15-1:30 p.m., refreshments provided.

  • Apr 2nd, 2016 8:30pm

Islanders have evolved to consume seawater | The Gerbil

By Heater Ball-Ding

  • Apr 1st, 2016 11:30am

Ladies fastpitch first home game of the spring | Slideshow

The Lady Wolverines played Coupeville Saturday, March 26 in their first home game

  • Mar 29th, 2016 6:54pm

First home game for Friday Harbor baseball team | Slideshow

The team played Coupeville in their first home game on Saturday, March 26

  • Mar 29th, 2016 6:09pm

A history of herrings, from communication by farting to their connection to humans

For more than a century a tiny silver pelagic fish, the herring, has played a critical role in the lives of people living in the San Juans.

  • Mar 16th, 2016 8:30am

A look at sexual assault on the San Juan Islands

By Heather Spaulding

  • Mar 9th, 2016 7:42pm

Soroptimist honors local women

By Heather Spaulding

  • Mar 8th, 2016 9:43pm

Eighth grader Joanna Evans wins annual spelling bee

It all came down to an ancient word, regnal, meaning a monarch's reign, during the Rotary club's annual spelling bee. Joanna Evans correctly spelled the word, helping her cinch the win. The Bee, emceed by Steve Bowman, started off with 22 students ranging from fourth through eighth grade. Pronouncer Carolyn Haugen assigned words like flavor, and snowflake during the first few rounds, escalated to bulwark and manufacture 14 rounds later. During this round, all but two of the contenders were eliminated, fifth grader Marcia King and eighth grader Joanna Evans.

  • Mar 8th, 2016 6:24pm

Taking a stand against violence

This Valentine’s Day, One Hundred Stand Up Men stood up for love, handing out tulips as people walked by the courthouse.

  • Mar 2nd, 2016 11:20pm

Survivor Recalls Jonestown

They worked to create a community without hate or violence, filled with love, peace, independent yet supportive, artistic and healthy – the 60s utopian dream. What happened was a nightmare.

  • Feb 29th, 2016 5:45pm

Long Road of Love

Deciding on a whim to accept a blind date July 4, 1949 turned into a 66-year adventure for Shirley and Frank Miner, who will be celebrating their anniversary on Feb. 25.

  • Feb 24th, 2016 8:01pm