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  • Wed Nov 9th, 2016 1:30am
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by Michael Bunnell

Author of The Friendly Little War of Lyman Cutler

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Tim Collins, the swimming coach at San Juan Island Fitness, told The Journal that the tryouts for the Orcas Swim Club will likely produce 30 or more participants.

Quick clarification: in this case, “Orcas” refers to the whales and is the mascot name for the club, not a reference to the island of that name. Beginner, intermediate and advanced teams are designated by pods named J, K and L.

Last year, the club included some Spring Street School students from Orcas Island, and there have been some Shaw Island participants in the past; but Collins expects the current group to be composed entirely of San Juan islanders.

This swim club is not affiliated with any formal organization, but it will host a couple of home meets and, if past seasons are an indication, will make at least one trip to Anacortes or Mount Vernon for some friendly competition.


You may have noticed that the league standings as posted on the official website are often confusing or contradictory. Take, for example, Friday Harbor High School’s continuing third-place status.

The Wolverines ended their season still holding that spot with a 1–4 league record and 1–6 overall while Darrington hung onto fourth place with an identical league record but a better (2-4) performance overall.

Since Darrington forfeited its game at Friday Harbor, it seems only right that FHHS should get the higher posting; but those W-L figures seem to provide a somewhat wobbly foundation for the conclusions they support.

The Wolverines lost their final game of the season last Friday to Concrete by a score of 39–21.


The Friday Harbor High School girls’ soccer team retained its grip on second place in the five-team standings in spite of 2–0 loss a week ago to Crosspoint. The Wolverines now sport a 9–3 win-loss record for the league and 11–6 overall for the season. The FHHS boys soccer team held onto fifth place in an eight-team field with 6–8 W-L records for the league and the season.


The Wolverines volleyball team finished the season in third place with a 6–6 W-L record for the league and 8–10 overall. Last week, the team lost to Darrington by a score of 3–0 in the district meet.