Thanks to EMS supporters – letters

On behalf of the Vote Yes for San Juan EMS 2016 Campaign Committee, we wish to thank our friends, colleagues, and the local press for the tremendous support we received during our successful campaign. We would particularly like to thank donors and volunteers who placed signs, marched in the parade, wrote letters and spent many hours raising community awareness.

Strong voter turnout, and the 77 percent approval rate have provided a clear mandate for maintaining robust Emergency Medical Services. But, it’s only the first step in the process of saving the agency. Chief Jerry Martin, the EMS Staff, and the Public Hospital Commission need our continued support as they rebuild the agency and maintain its legacy of exceptional service. EMS is “America’s right to healthcare,” and the voters have told us that it should be a permanent part of our social contract, like fire and police. We live on an island where it’s clearly essential for our health and survival. However, we go from crisis to crisis and vote to vote every six years, without a further thought. So, let’s mark this occasion as a time to start planning ahead to secure a permanent future for EMS. Thanks again for the opportunity to serve.

Loren Johnson, MD, Chair and Rebecca K. Smith, Co-Chair, Treasurer

San Juan Island