Support for Watson-Letter

I am very uneasy about another term on County Council for Bob Jarman. I am not in any way a political insider and I have not been here for 85 years but I have a right to expect fair representation across the board. I am very clear that I have not had this from Mr. Jarman.

Mr. Jarman is clearly more interested in serving the needs and whims of people he knows and come to him whining because their property rights are being violated by a neighbor who has a greenhouse they don’t want to look at. Mr. Jarman’s way of catering to his cohort is to all of a sudden realize that the scourge of greenhouses needs to be reigned in and regulated, a spectacularly ham-handed power grab in service to his buddies. It didn’t matter who got hurt. And plenty got hurt. Apparently the only people who have property rights are Mr. Jarma’s friends. This is representation I don’t want nor need. I am one of the little people who sits back and observes and what I have seen of Mr. Jarman dealings don’t recommend him as a fair representative for the spectrum of SJ County residents.

Perhaps I should be more charitable and just assume that Bob Jarman is out of his element and is not up to the complexities of our beloved island. Whether it is incompetence or catering to a small minority of people with a specific poitical bent, Bob Jarman is a very poor choice for County Council.

Bill Watson, on the other hand, has an impressive record of public service benefiting all of us Islanders. I don’t know Bill personally but I know of his reputation as a smart, collaborative, unselfish and energetic man who is a most excellent antidote to the narrow representation. of Mr. Jarman.

Please consider unseating Mr. Jarman. It is completely immaterial that he has been on island for 40 years. It is only relevant that he has not recognized the majority of us as his constituents no matter how long we have been here.

I am ready for a breath of fairness and I am certain that Bill Watson will give that to ALL of us. Please vote for him.

Lynette Roberts

San Juan Island