Play pickleball – letters

Pickleball, which originated in Seattle, is now the fastest-growing sport as it has spread throughout the country.

The latest victim of this epidemic is San Juan Golf and Tennis Club.

The club has created two pickleball courts on the Inskeep tennis court, and for those new to the sport, or who left their gear at home, the club provides paddles, balls and even a strategy memo by coach Mo, whoever that is. One reason the game has caught on is that the rules can be learned in less than ten minutes, and even those who have never played tennis, badminton, pingpong or racquetball can be reasonably proficient at the end of their first session. Drop-in sessions are scheduled each Tuesday and Thursday from 3 p.m. until exhaustion empties the courts. Players can also schedule court times in advance by calling the club at 378-2254. The club provides ample parking, and offers after-play refreshments in the clubhouse. Non-members are requested to pay $5 per session, and for those seriously bitten by the pickleball bug (there is no known cure) annual memberships are also offered. The club says, “Come and play. It’s a dilly.” Pickleball epidemic

Ron Collings

San Juan Island