Mount Grant donation milestone – letter

The Campaign for Mount Grant Preserve just celebrated its thousandth donation! With matching funds now in place, every gift is being doubled as we raise the final $380,000 to reach our total $4.2 million goal.

This partnership between the San Juan Preservation Trust and the San Juan County Land Bank protects a spectacular island hilltop, with road access to the summit.

As soon as the fundraising is complete, planning can begin to develop permanent trails, parking and other improvements. As co-chairmembers of the Mount Grant steering committee, we want to thank each and every donor to the project so far, with a special shout-out to the scores of people who have now made multiple gifts.

Stop by for one of our popular Sundays at the Summit (road open noon to six), and please help us reach the goal of keeping Mount Grant Preserve accessible to all of us in perpetuity.

Keith Wentworth

Thor Hanson

San Juan Island