Look at the numbers – letters

After reading Mr. Bucholz (July 6 issue) letter, I got to thinking about this new EMS levy and its 43 percent increase. This has already been voted down twice, but instead of addressing the issues, the proponents seemed to have simply returned with a strident campaign and a not-so-subtle threat to approve the levy or lose all EMS services. That smacks of a gun-to-the-head approach to me, but look at their issues:

1. Transparency: None of the issues presented with hard data

2. Lower property appraisals: Median home value increased 21 percent state-wide

3. Salary reductions: Claimed, but without supporting data

4. Inflation: At record low levels in the period 2010 through 2015

5. Loss of air transport reimbursements: Claimed, no supporting data

6. Reduced Medicare reimbursement : From CMS.gov: HCPCS codes A0425 thru A0429,A0433,A0434 & A0888 (Medicare ground ambulance service categories) actually increased from 2010 to 2016 by approximately 5.4 percent

It doesn’t look like this justifies a 43 percent levy increase.

Remember that their catch phrase, “Nobody ever pays anything” is simple a euphemism for “Everybody always pays everything”

Here’s the record:

Amount Type 2009 November Property Tax Increase senior services, fair, parks .60/$1,000

• 2010 February Property Tax Increase EMS, transportation .35/$1,000

• February Property Tax Increase School Levy .66/$1,000

• 2011 August Property Tax Increase Library .39/$1,000

• November Real Property Fee Solid waste

• November Real estate excise tax Land Bank 1 percent of sale

• 2012 February Property Tax Increase School Levy .27/$1,000

• August Sales Tax Increase public safety 3/10th of 1 percent

• 2013 February Property Tax Increase Fire & EMS .213/$1,000

• 2014 November Property Tax Increase Lid lift .18/$1,000

• 2015 November Property Tax Increase Parks and Rec .385/$1,000

• 2015 November Sales Tax Increase Friday Harbor roads 2/10th of 1 percent

They should bring us a well developed budget with a reasonable increase in the 5-10 percent range.

Remember, we are taxing every county family that aspires to a better housing solution.

We should hear from people in the $45-$75k income bracket…

This is for you…

I’m a little taxpayer, short of clout

Here is my pension, of small amount

No one on the island should have to pout

Sooo, tip me over and clean me out

Dave Ambrose

San Juan island