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More 'military action' overseas? When will we learn? | Letters

September 5, 2013 · 3:59 PM

Future Headlines: 'Obama opens Pandora's Box'. 'Syria & Iran, its closest ally, fire back'.

One enormous difference here with recent previous "military action" is that Iraq and Iran were enemies, as are Russia and Afghanistan. Take a lesson from Vietnam and Korea: Don't make an enemy with powerful allies.

Though 90 percent in the U.S. disagree, Obama insists firepower is the only resort? And isn't "military action” usually government speak for: Fire the torpedoes and bleep the consequences? Vietnam and Korean “military action” turned out so well, right?

We have to ask: Is this the time to defend American’s already tarnished credibility? Chemical weapons were used in the 80s on Kurds in Iraq and we didn't go to war then to defend international treaties.

Now is the time to write our representatives... or else Iraq and Afghanistan will look like mere walks in the park. An isolated and impulsive decision to poke the well-allied hornet nest of the world, especially when the U.S. is already war-wounded and economically weary, will hurt… a lot.

Mr. President, if you love America, don't act alone and provoke regimes and their stronger allies... some who hate us more than they love life itself.

Sharon Boyd/San Juan Island



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