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Control vs. inspiration; a matter of trust | Letters

March 12, 2013 · 11:22 AM

Lisa, your unwillingness to properly address our (Mike Carlson’s and mine) simple questions, your affiliation with the New Economics Institute and the manner in which OPAL is structured, have led me to understand that you and I have very differing views about the nature of the human spirit.

Your actions revolving around the subject of private property show me that you don’t trust your fellow human beings. In fact, your need to control their actions into perpetuity signals that you actually fear them.

It has been my experience that humans are born with an innate desire to create. If we are allowed to take risks, we soon build self-confidence by overcoming challenges.

Generally, it is not our friends that help us grow, but it is our adversaries that disturb us enough to get off the porch and go to work in the rain.

You suggest incentives to help our economy, but fail to point out that incentives generally shade one plant to help another one grow. What really grows individuals and thus an economy is inspiration.

Inspiration naturally blossoms within a system of trust and expressed social confidence, while incentives are a controlling force which creates imbalance in the greater economic system (EcoSystem).

Those individuals who are given a handout rather than a hand up are effectively being taught that they do not have the power to compete in this world. People in these situations often wake up and realize they have been enslaved by another person’s lack of confidence in them.

Shame and anger are a natural response. Look at well-meaning social experiments such as the “projects” in cities such as Chicago. How has that worked out?

I support the Homes for Islanders template because islanders create “sweat equity” by working on their own houses and end up with an unencumbered title to the property. I trust that they will do the “right” things with their own property.

Lisa, the government needs to pave the roads, not our lives. Bumps in life’s road calls forth creativity and creativity builds not only an interesting  individual, but a vibrant community worth living in (and visiting).

I will be voting for individuals who have grown up on unpaved roads and will trust me, and value me as a creative spirit having a human experience.

Royce Meyerott/San Juan Island



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