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Practical, reasonable, flexible; Jarman in District 1 | Letters

November 1, 2012 · 12:47 PM

Our county government has spent countless millions, many years and nearly all its credibility endlessly studying theoretical environmental concerns and the regulations said to be necessary to solve problems and manage threat.

This never ending process is incredibly divisive and expensive. It is complex, oppressive, and a playground for those prone to litigate. Prudent land-use regulation is one thing, but now the process itself seems to be used as a device to impede development.

The incumbent for council District 1 seems to share the agenda that calls for more regulation, restriction of property rights, more oversight, more enforcement, and generally bigger government.

Bob Jarman, her challenger, along with extensive public service and personal business success, has a unique local track record of prudently streamlining government.

As a fire commissioner, he was intrumental in combining the town and county fire departments. With vision, patience, perspective and persistence he accomplished what made sense, saving both entities money, improving fire protection, and eliminating the safety and territorial concerns of having two semi-coordinated departments.

Bob is practical, reasonable, and flexible. He's a quick study and a hard worker. He's honest and direct. He listens. He's committed but not afraid to change his mind. He gets my vote and my thanks for being willing to take on what is bound to be complex and contentious.

It's unfortunate that so called liberals and conservatives are so polarized. Churchill said something like, "If at 20 you are not a liberal, you haven't got a heart. But, if by 40 you are not a conservative, you haven't got a brain".

Respect good intentions, but base your vote on outcome. It's not the person, or the party. It's about sensible and sustainable public policy.

Steve Hudson/San Juan Island

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