Letters – vote for Watson

I began visiting the San Juans in the 1990s, having heard of their uniqueness from family members who lived and worked here starting a century ago. Buying a home in 2002 and later moving here permanently from a major metropolis has givenme good insight into the issues islanders face. My career in science taught me critical thinking, especially the value ofproperly assessing relevant data before analysis. I’m supporting Bill Watson because we share that background. Adequatedata are fundamental to problem solving and our islands do have problems, such as our growing population unsupportedby a variety of housing and employment opportunities. I feel Bill brings a fresh perspective because of his understanding ofthe step-wise nature of resolving issues. Knowing Bill as a friend for about seven years and attending the recent candidateforum confirms for me his genuine integrity. Bill is a man of his word and if he says he will work diligently as a councilman,respecting staff input and other’s viewpoints, he indeed will do so. Bill and I also share a deep love of the natural beauty ofthese islands. Having lived in an urban setting neither of us elects to duplicate that lifestyle here, by our own choices or bypassively accepting the poorly made decisions of others. Bill recognizes that we cannot create a community for only theprivileged few on either end of a bell curve of an environmental versus property rights agenda. His skills and strengthsinclude an ability to a forge a realistic compromise of protection and regulation fairness. Let’s rise above the infighting wesee tragically occurring in our larger governmental arenas and bring a sense of really working together at our county levelby voting for Bill Watson for county councilman.

April Ford

San Juan Island